Dental Cleaning and Deep Dental Cleaning Options

At Top Dental we have 3 types of Dental Cleaning:
Basic cleaning: This is a basic cleaning, also known as "prophylaxis" which includes stone removal or "tartar" located on the gum line, dental plaque and stains that are deposited on the teeth. This type of cleaning generally does not require dental anesthesia even when the tissues surrounding the tooth are inflamed "gingivitis". It is done every 6 months.
Semi-Deep Cleaning: (Full Mouth Debridement) is indicated when the patient is many years old without do a cleaning. Generally these patients have inflammation of the gums, bleeding and many areas with calculus or dental stone. This type of cleaning is done in order to assess the patient's periodontal condition.
Deep Cleaning: is the type of cleaning indicated when there is active periodontal disease, better known as periodontitis. The symptoms are: Bone loss (can be recognized by dental X-rays), dental mobility, inflammation, periodontal pockets, bleeding gums and halitosis "bad breath".
It is an infection caused by bacteria that attack the bone surrounding the teeth causing the teeth to become loose. To clean and remove the calculus or tartar that is under the gums, the affected quadrant(s) of the mouth must be anesthetized. This treatment is usually done in two or more appointments and sometimes requires a Periodontist (dentist specializing in gums and bones).
Deep Cleaning - Top Dental
We invites you to have a Dental Cleaning at any of our Top Dental clinics located in the cities of Fairfax, Herndon, Manassas, Woodbridge.
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