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Welcome to our practice, located in Fairfax, Manassas and Woodbridge, from Virginia, U.S. where our priority is to provide exceptional dental care for each patient with personalized consultations and dental treatment for the entire family. Our dentists promote good oral health and provide beautiful, healthy smiles for life with comprehensive dental treatments. Whether you need regular dental services or have a dental emergency, want straight teeth with Invisalign or braces, or are simply looking for a brighter smile with dental veneers or professional whitening, our clinics offer you all the services for your dental needs.

Our offices will accommodate your schedule. It is open on Saturdays, evenings after work and offers emergency appointments on the same day. Our special offers provide discounts on treatments, and there are financing options and payment plans available. We pledge to work with your budget so you can pay for the dental care you need.


Winner of the 2015 patient's choice award in Dentistry Manassas VA

Our Services

Crowns Bridges

If dental decay, cracked fillings, root canals or grinding the teeth have caused extensive damage to the tooth structure.


Losing a tooth due to injury, dental decay, or gum disease can happen. However, you can to replace the tooth that has been lost.


Commonly performed in cases where a deciduous “baby” tooth is reluctant to fall out, a severely broken down, or “wisdom tooth” is poorly positioned and unable to fully erupt into place.

Root Canals

Endodontics, or root canal therapy, is employed when the nerve supply to a tooth has been irreversibly affected by damage or decay.

Dental Fillings

The most common type of dental restoration used to replace sections of teeth that are missing, damaged or decayed.


A denture consists of natural looking artificial teeth set in a supportive base. It may be fabricated to replace either a small group of teeth, an entire upper arch, an entire lower arch.

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Our blog

What are wisdom teeth and which are its complications?

Third molars, also known as wisdom teeth, are one of the most common elements in oral surgery, it’s no wonder that many people require their extraction.However, wisdom teeth extraction is not always compulsory and, actually there aren’t many patients that don’t feel any discomfort during their eruption. What is your experience?

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Stains on milk teeth: Which are its causes?

Did you know that milk teeth received its name due to its enamel white color shade? From the moment they erupt, they show a significantly clearer shade than those of permanent teeth. However, with the passing of time this initial color can be darkened due to different causes. Keep reading...

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Bad breath: Which are its causes and how to fight it?

Although each one of us can suffer from some degree of halitosis occasionally, there are those who suffer from it all the time. Many people don’t dare to talk about it and they even find it difficult to ask for professional help, which hinders them from fighting halitosis.

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