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Consult - XRay - TopDental

Oral Exam

With an oral exam you can obtain x-rays and a diagnosis about the state of your teeth. The dentist will evaluate the condition of your teeth and present you with a dental treatment plan.
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Dental Emergency Top Dental

Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies should not be ignored, and seeking immediate treatment can be the difference between saving or losing your tooth.
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Dentista Pediatrico - Top Dental

Pediatric Dentistry

Discover all Dental Services dedicated to the Little Ones at Home. Schedule your appointment with our Pediatric Dentist.
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Cleaning Top Dental

Dental Cleanings

A dental cleaning refers to the removal of calculus or "tartar" located on the gum line, dental plaque and stains on the teeth.
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Teeth Whitening Top Dental

Teeth Whitening

We offer two types of teeth whitening, in office and take home. The in office kit is done at the clinic and gives you immediate results. For the take home kit we provide the materials you will need to use and will give you a demonstration on how to use it.
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Filling Top Dental


Restores damaged teeth from decay or rebuilds a tooth that has been fractured. We do all fillings with composite resin (tooth colored).
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Root Canal Top Dental

Root Canal

A root canal is a dental treatment commonly known as "killing the nerve". It consists of removing the nerve inside the tooth. Root canals are needed when you have deep decay into the tooth or from a fracture.
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Crowns Top Dental


A crown can be used to: protect a tooth that has a large filling, to repair a fractured tooth, and in some cases cosmetically.
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Removaible Partial Denture Top Dental


Removable partial dentures are removable devices that allow you to replace one or many teeth at a time.
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Dentures Top Dental


Complete removable dentures are a removable device that is designed to replace all of the missing natural teeth in the upper, lower, or both arches.
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Bridge Top Dental


We work with two types of bridges: Traditional fixed bridges, consist of crowns on either side of the missing tooth or teeth supporting the pontic (false tooth). Implant fixed bridge is almost the same as a traditional bridge, the biggest difference is that instead of using natural teeth to support the false tooth it used implants. This is ideal when missing multiple teeth.
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night-guard Top Dental

Night Guard

Teeth grinding and clenching, also known as bruxism, is quite common and can be painful and destructive to teeth. It can also cause headaches and jaw muscle pain. At Top Dental we offer you the night guard service to treat Bruxism.
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Extractions Top Dental


A dental extraction is a procedure to remove a tooth from the gum. It is required if a tooth has been broken or badly damaged by decay and cannot be restored.
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Surgical Extractions Top Dental

Surgical Extractions

An extraction with surgery is a more complicated and lengthy procedure. It is done to remove teeth that are not easily accessible or that may be impacted in the bone. It is also used in cases where the tooth has cracked or broken just below the gum line.
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Implants Top Dental


Dental implants is a procedure that replaces missing teeth by placing screw-like titanium posts in the bone. An artificial zirconia tooth, that looks and performs the same as a natural tooth, is attached to the “post” as final restoration.
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All on Four Top Dental

All on Four

It is a system that allows total fixed rehabilitation with implants of the upper and/or lower jaw in patients who have lost their teeth. This procedure allows the patient to have a non removable solution to all missing teeth. The procedure uses only four implants to secure all teeth in place hence, the name All-on-4.
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Braces Top Dental


If you have any of the following conditions, you may benefit from an orthodontic treatment: overbite, underbite, cross or open bite, tooth spacing or crowding.
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Invisible Braces Top Dental


Helps to correct the position of the teeth using appliances that are not visible to the eye. Can only be used for non severe cases and are typically more expensive than metal braces.
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