Top Dental Manassas

Top Dental Manassas

A clinic located in Manassas, VA. Equipped with modern equipment and facilities, adequate to take care of all your dental needs. It is our first clinic to start operations.

A clinic where you will receive the best dental care.

We are pleased to welcome you to our clinic in Manassas, we are ready to provide you with the best care in English and Spanish. We have highly qualified staff willing to help you with all your questions about your dental treatments.

We offer interest-free payment plans for your dental treatments such as: crowns, fillings, implants, orthodontics, root canal, extractions and more.

Our philosophy is to treat our patients like family, and ensure that all patients have the beautiful and healthy smile they deserve. Our staff has the experience and motivation to work with our patients ensuring that your appointments and financing suit your needs and your budget.

Everyone wants good oral care to ensure optimal dental health for you and your family. This is the foundation of Top Dental practice. Our office has developed strong support in the community and has achieved long-term relationships with our patients.

Business Hour

  • Monday11:00 AM - 7: 00 PM
  • Tuesday9:00 AM - 5: 00 PM
  • Wednesday11:00 AM - 7: 00 PM
  • Thursday11:00 AM - 6: 00 PM
  • Friday9:00 AM - 5: 00 PM
  • Saturday9:00 AM - 3: 00 PM


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