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8 signs that you urgently need a visit to the dentist

Brushing your teeth twice a day and occasionally flossing or mouthwash does not mean you do not have to visit the dentist periodically. Surely you have asked yourself, how often should a dental cleaning be done? Ideally, you do it at least twice a year. If it is not done at least once in that period of time, there is a risk that you will develop serious oral problems.



Know the main symptoms why you should go to the dentist


For many people attending a dental office is a truly unattainable challenge. If your best excuse is time, it is time to pay attention to the following, because if not, in the future you could lament for life. If you have not been with a dentist for more than a year and you have or have suffered from any of the following symptoms, let me tell you that you need to visit the dentist immediately!



1.- You feel pain in your teeth


If you suddenly feel pain and fail to identify the reason, it is important that you do not spend more time and immediately visit a dental clinic, as it may be more serious than you think.



2.- You have bleeding and swollen gums


If when you brush, bite an apple or just out of nowhere, your gums become inflamed and bleed, you definitely need to book an appointment with your dentist. This condition is due to the accumulation of plaque under the gums. This symptom can lead to more advanced diseases such as gingivitis or periodontitis, diseases that, if not treated in time, can lead to tooth loss.



3.- You have bad breath


If despite having a good brushing technique, you suffer from bad breath, something is wrong in your mouth. Halitosis can be a consequence of gingivitis, poorly adjusted restorations, bad position of teeth, presence of dental plaque or gastric diseases



4.- Notes sensitivity to cold and heat


Dental caries is the cause of this condition, the first stage is to affect the surface. When it is advanced, it affects the center of the tooth, which is where the blood vessels and nerves are located. At that time the pain begins to develop when very cold and / or hot temperatures occur. It is important that you schedule an appointment at a dental clinic when this happens to you because if you do not do it your dental health can be very affected.



5.- You have canker sores and sores


If it is common for you that your mouth is constantly full of fires, you should know that this can be a more serious problem than it seems- If you notice that this type of injury begins to develop in your mouth, you should not wait a day more to book an appointment with the dentist and even more if you start having high fevers.



6.- Notes stains on the enamel


Tooth stains are one of the first signs of the appearance of tooth decay. That is why, if you start to notice that your enamel has white spots, you should immediately go to the dentist.



7.- You have dryness and bad taste in your mouth


Maintaining a metal taste and having a constant dry mouth are a sign of the appearance of bacteria, which leads to halitosis, gingivitis or other oral diseases.



8.- Hide your smile


The last and most important sign that you urgently need to make a periodic visit to the dentist is the fear of showing your smile. The most natural thing is that you can do it without complexes or fears, if you hide your smile every time you are facing someone else, something is not right in your oral health. Dental misalignment, the appearance of tartar, mismatched restorations, dental absences or bad breath are problems that can produce complexity when you smile.



If you notice that any of these signs are happening in your life, you should not wait any longer, you should definitely go to your dentist immediately. Do not expect an emergency to happen, remember that by visiting the dentist periodically you can prevent and solve dental diseases.

Dr. Armellini received her dental degree from the Central University of Venezuela. She received an MBA from the University of Michigan and embarked on a clinical fellowship in Implantology Prosthodontics at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.


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