What are dental braces?

What are dental braces?

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  • Posted: 16 Jun 2019

The devices for the teeth are devices that help to correct our teeth and to have a more beautiful and aesthetic smile. It was also called dental braces


What types of dental appliances are there?

Practically the apparatuses for the teeth can be of two types:


Fixed dental devices. They are a type of apparatus that can not be removed during the time the treatment lasts. They are the best because they are attached to the tooth. You have to do a maintenance and have some care so that no bracket breaks. The breakage of a dental bracket delays the process. Find out everything related to fixed dental appliances in this section.

Removable dental devices. They are devices that are used to correct small dental malpositions. It can also be used with children who suck their thumbs. Access this section to have more information about removable dental appliances

What types of fixed dental appliances are there?


As we have been discussing fixed dental appliances are the most used and we can find different types of devices depending on the material they are made (access the different section to expand the information):


Metal dental devices. They are the traditional brackets, made of metal.

Lingual brackets They are adhered through the back of the tooth

Porcelain brackets

Sapphire brackets


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