How is tartar formed on teeth and how to remove it?

How is tartar formed on teeth and how to remove it?

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  • Posted: 14 Jun 2019

The calculus is called dental calculus, it is a plaque of bacteria that has hardened on the teeth due to the accumulation of minerals on the plaque. The tartar usually appears under the tooth and on the gum which leads to more serious oral problems.


Also called dental tartar can cause the famous cavities or serious problems in the gums and if you drink too much coffee, tea or smoke is more likely to have tartar formation on your teeth. The tartar is perceived with a yellow color on the teeth and gums so it is vital that to remove it visit the dentist.


To avoid its appearance and even eliminate it every day while it is being formed, you should strive for dental hygiene by brushing correctly every day and using dental floss. However, there are some products of excellent quality with which you can strengthen hygiene and avoid dental tartar. Here we show you some options:


1. Toothpaste for dental plaque

It stimulates dental plaque with natural calcium, brightens and whitens teeth, and continues to work for hours.


2. Mouthwash that removes dental plaque

It takes care of the teeth in a splendid way, it is the only one that removes the plaque and protects the gums from bleeding.


3. Dental hygiene kit

Use it to remove the plate yourself, with stainless steel instruments for complete tooth hygiene.


4. Activated carbon powder for plaque whitening

The newest in the market, this product absorbs the yellowish tone and eliminates bacteria to have healthier teeth.


Protect your oral health with these special products and achieve a whiter and healthier smile. Remember that it is always important to visit the dentist regularly so he can advise you on what is the ideal treatment for you.


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