Meet Our Team

Our Dentist

Debora Armellini, DDS

Dr. Debbie as she is affectionately called, she always ensures that you can feel like a member of our family, works with passion and affection to take care of your oral health.

Priti Mahajan, DDS

Dr. Priti's philosophy is to create smiles that reflect who you are, enhancing your teeth and your overall health.

Farnaz Jabbari, DDS

Dr. Jabbari creates a positive rapport with each patient by expressing a sincere interest in who they are as an individual.

Behrouz Beheshtin, DDS

Dr. Behrouz listens and works with his patients to give them highest level possible of care with compassion and empathy.

Ammar Al-mahdi

Dr. Ammar believes fostering relationships based on mutual respect and trust are the foundation for building a lasting doctor-patient relationship.

Elizabeth Fadoju, DDS

For Dr. Fadoju, the dental care of patients is her priority, so every day she strives to do her best to meet the expectations of her patients.

Fernanda Fontes

Dr. Fontes loves working with children and their families, providing oral health care and education. As a mother, Dr. Fontes understands the value of taking her children to a specially trained healthcare provider to care for all children, including those with special medical needs.

Ruth Cangé, DDS

Dr. Cangé is passionate in addressing her patient's dental needs and concerns. She takes pride educating them in all aspects of oral health.

Mahmood Mahmood, DDS

Dr. Mahmood listens and works with his patients to give them highest level possible of care with compassion and empathy. he's an athlete that you can find him in the gym six days a week his hobbies include Soccer and barbecue with his wife and amazing baby girl.

Our Staff

Ana Sierra

Ana Sierra, our treatment plan coordinator, makes sure that our dental office is running smoothly and will help you have the best experience possible as a patient.

Dimelsa Teran

Dimelsa has an outgoing personality and builds a unique relationship with all her patients! She is committed to work with patients to create a comfortable, stress-free, and rewarding dental experience every time they visit our practice.

Esperanza Ruiz

Esperanza recently Joined our team and is everyday learning something new. She loves being part of this big, happy dental family and thoroughly enjoys working with patients of all ages.

Pedro Ortiz

Pedro’s smile can be seen a mile away brightening the Top Dental offices. His outgoing personality insures the best communication between the dentist and patient when translation is involved. He is always excited about new challenges and always puts his best foot forward.

Fabiola Rojas

Fabiola values each patient that walks through the door and enjoys helping patients get the best dental care. She brings a level of energy and compassion that she hopes will make your visit less stressful and more satisfying.

Carolina Marin

Carolina recently joined our team. With one year experience, she is fairly new to the dental field making everyday a learning experience. She strives to provide a comfortable environment for all of our patients, she genuinely cares about all of our patient’s needs.

Saydi Vasquez

Saydi stands out for his passion for his work and thanks to this he gives each patient the best of it, supporting the doctor to do an excellent job.

Diana Duran

Diana is a person dedicated to her work with an impressive experience and thanks to her personality she transmits to the patient a peace of mind in each of their consultations.

Karla Portillo

Karla's priority is to guarantee an excellent job in each treatment of patients and that they receive the best experience in each of their visits.

Ashley Ugarriza

Ashley loves to help people smile and that includes building confidence to share their smile! She is happy to answer our patient’s questions, plan for appointments, help resolve concerns and make their visits positive.

Alejandra Moreno

As our front desk and treatment coordinator, it is Alejandra's job to make you love coming to the dentist!. She works very hard to ensure every treatment is personalized for each patient.

Maria Santos

Maria "Mari", stands out for the charisma and kindness of treating each of our patients, always makes sure that the patient can be clear about all the questions about your dental treatment and makes you feel at home.