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8 Tips to choose the right toothbrush for children

Choosing the right toothbrush for your child is extremely important because it depends on your child wanting to brush their teeth easily, that the brush cleans their teeth and gums properly and that establishing oral hygiene habits does not become a headache. We consulted an expert who gave us eight simple, but very efficient tips, so that when you buy the brush for your little one it is appropriate. Take note and find the one that is perfect for your child!

When you go to find a toothbrush at the store you find thousands of options. In addition to the fashionable characters, you have electric and mechanical brushes, those with hard, medium, soft and extra soft bristles. In addition there are mangoes of all the forms that you can imagine and when you see all that variety it is even more complicated to find the right one.

Take into account the age of your child before buying the brush, in addition to these other tips, which with the help of an orthodontic specialist we give you to make your search easier and more effective. Remember that if you have a question you can always consult with your children's dentist. Now, it is time to look for a new toothbrush and establish oral hygiene habits for a lifetime.

1. Consider your child's age when choosing a toothbrush.

Ten en consideración la edad de tu hijo a la hora de elegir el cepillo de dientes.

'The first tip I give you to choose the right brush for your children is to look for one that is according to their age, this will allow them to have the right size to fit in their mouth' In most toothbrushes specify the age recommended this can help you and if in doubt consult your dentist.

2. The brush should like your child, it is best to help you choose it.

El cepillo debe de gustar a tu hijito, lo mejor es que te ayude a elegirlo.

'He looks for a brush with his favorite character, that will motivate him to use it and brush without forcing him' . 

You can also opt for a brush that is your favorite color or with designs that are attractive to you.

3. You have to take into account the shape of the toothbrush head.

Tienes que tener en cuenta la forma de la cabeza del cepillo dental.

'Remember that your children's mouth is small, so the head of the brush must have a diamond shape to reach the areas of the springs'.

4. Remember that toothbrushes have to be changed.

Recuerda que los cepillos de dientes se tienen que cambiar.

'The brush should be changed every three months; there are brands that have indicators so you don't forget to change it,' the dentist told us.

There are parents who do not pay attention to this indication and the reality is that a bad brush will not clean your child's teeth the same, so it loses effectiveness.

5. Beware of the hard brush bristles!

¡Cuidado con las cerdas del cepillo duras!

'The bristles of the brush should be soft so as not to hurt the gums of your children, because they are still delicate and you have to brush them carefully.'

If your little one complains of pain when brushing his teeth it could be that the bristles are not suitable for his gums.

6. The brush handle has to be right for your little one.

El mango del cepillo tiene que ser el adecuado para tu chiquito.

'The handle should be made of rubber so that the child can take it and not slip or get hurt and make it easier to handle.'

It is important that your child feel comfortable holding the toothbrush, so take note of this detail.

7. There are brushes that indicate the minimum washing time.

Hay cepillos que te indican el tiempo mínimo de lavado.

'Look for innovative brushes, there are some of traffic lights, that tells the child the correct brushing time and they love it.'

Remember that the little ones do everything with more pleasure if you handle it like a game.

8. You can have the perfect toothbrush but you still need to establish routines.

Puedes tener el cepillo de dientes perfecto pero todavía te hace falta establecer rutinas.

'Finally remember that the brush you choose is important, but even more important is to make your child form a habit of brushing his teeth three times a day and never going to bed without washing them.'

As a mother, in addition to finding the ideal brush for our little one, we have to insist on them to brush their teeth consistently to avoid tooth decay.

Dr. Armellini received her dental degree from the Central University of Venezuela. She received an MBA from the University of Michigan and embarked on a clinical fellowship in Implantology Prosthodontics at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.


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