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10 tips to keep a clean and healthy mouth

Brush your mouth at least 3 times a day: it is especially important after the main meals of the day and before bedtime. 3 minutes for brushing is enough.


Gently move the brush: the best way to brush is to place the brush at a 45 degree angle against the gums and move it gently in a circular motion, rather than a backward and forward motion. Brushing hard is not the best way to remove plaque.


Clean your tongue: with a tongue scraper remove plaque on it and freshen your breath every morning. An important reason for bad breath is the buildup of bacteria on the tongue, which a daily scraping can help eliminate. Several experts say that using a tongue scraper is more effective than using a toothbrush.


Use an anti-stain toothpaste: what you consume is shown on your teeth, red wine, black tea, cigars and cigars, soda, dressings and dark juices stain your teeth. Be sure to brush your teeth immediately afterwards with an anti-stain toothpaste. If you don't have the brush at hand, take an apple for dessert, it will provide you with an action that cleans your teeth.


Use dental floss: to get where the brush does not reach, such as the space between teeth, it is advisable to floss once a day.


It uses little toothpaste in each brushing: Dentifrices contain abrasive agents in their basic formulation, a fact that may be too strong for people with highly sensitive teeth.


Change your brush every 3 months: the brush loses effectiveness and you will not take advantage of the time spent brushing.


Wash your mouth: water not only keeps the digestive system healthy, controls your weight and moisturizes your skin, but also eliminates more bacteria, which means less risk of gum disease, less tooth decay and fresher breath.


Add some baking soda: Brush your teeth with baking soda once a week to remove stains and whiten teeth. Use it as if it were toothpaste. You can also use salt as an alternative to toothpaste.


Go to your dentist at least once a year: every year it is necessary to conduct a review and maintenance visit. Children should make their first visit around two years, when almost all baby teeth have come out.

As we know, we are what we eat and in our teeth the same thing happens as mentioned in point 4. If you notice that the stains last, you should know that there are different brands of bleaching kit on the market, a simple method , effective and safe that bleaches persistent stains, and remineralizes and hardens tooth enamel. And all this, without leaving home.


Take care of your dental hygiene and get a smile 10 without leaving home!

Dr. Armellini received her dental degree from the Central University of Venezuela. She received an MBA from the University of Michigan and embarked on a clinical fellowship in Implantology Prosthodontics at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.


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