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Summer and dental health: Increased bacterial plaque and halitosis

During the summer months, with the arrival of vacations, there is a greater risk of bacterial plaque accumulating in our teeth. This increase occurs as a result of changes in our habits (we decrease the frequency of brushing, neglecting food, etc.) and can cause a worsening of gingival health.




It is true that in summer we do not pay so much attention to our usual routines, we neglect food, oral hygiene and other healthy habits, because we use free time for other types of activities. However, it is important to remember how necessary it is to maintain good oral hygiene and try to brush our teeth at least 2 times a day, preferably every night and after breakfast. In addition, by decreasing the frequency with which we brush our teeth, it is recommended that the times we do it we dedicate enough time (2 minutes minimum) and also perform a proper interdental cleaning.




But also, if we add an increase in the intake of alcoholic beverages and / or tobacco consumption to the decrease of our oral hygiene during the holidays, it is quite probable that oral problems appear, such as periodontal affectations, increased caries risk or even halitosis . However, there are also foods that have a positive effect on our oral health and which we can enjoy in summer, such as salads, fruits and some dairy products.




Of course, to avoid the dreaded bad breath, in addition to maintaining good oral hygiene, a frequent intake of water that helps maintain saliva flow and hydration of the oral mucosa is very important.




Therefore, it is a good option to always carry a toothbrush or oral cleaning kit with us, to always have it handy after each meal. Sugar-free gum can help keep bacteria's action at bay, in cases where we can't brush. If we are responsible during the holidays and maintain good oral health habits, we will avoid an urgent visit to the dentist when returning from vacation.

Dr. Armellini received her dental degree from the Central University of Venezuela. She received an MBA from the University of Michigan and embarked on a clinical fellowship in Implantology Prosthodontics at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.


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