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The effect of sugar on teeth

There are many foods with sugar (candy, chocolate, soda and others) and these cause many problems to the teeth and dental health.


Sugar is very good as a taste but it is bad for oral health if you consume in high quantities, not only for oral health but also for general health.


The risks of sugar in health

Many people do not realize, but the adverse effects of sugar intake is bad for teeth but also very bad for health. Examples of what can happen when consuming sugar:


- Dental caries


- Diabetes


- Obesity


- Heart related diseases


Food and all the things a person consumes are so important for all aspects of your body. This problem is an urgent matter based on the amounts of sugary drinks that children consume these days.


At the dental clinic in Boadilla del Monte, we have a medical team at the disposal of the citizens of Boadilla to explain the impact that sugar has on the teeth and on health in general.


It is important to be aware of what sugar can generate in order to take appropriate measures on the subject. Go to your dentist in boadilla to clarify all the doubts you have on this subject.


There are several studies that clearly indicate that teeth begin to disintegrate when a mixture between sugar and bacteria around the tooth occurs.


Several studies clearly indicate that there is a link that implies the level of sugar consumed and the appearance of tooth decay. The risk of tooth decay is reduced when the level of sugar consumption is less than 10 percent of caloric intake.


We understand that sugar-containing products are very tasty and tasty, but you also have to be cautious and aware that their consumption can lead to some kind of dental health or general health problem.


Therefore consume sugar products wisely. This way you will avoid bad surprises.


Although fluoride is readily available, tooth decay is an oral health problem. Many people believe that tooth decay in Boadilla is a problem that only arises in children but it is a mistake considering that tooth decay is one of the most common dental health problems in Boadilla.


Therefore, dentists in Boadilla del Monte constantly try to educate their patients on how to use the toothbrush, floss and techniques they have to apply daily to have a dental health in Boadilla in good condition.


In addition the dentists in Boadilla also recommend about general health and that you should eat to continue in a good health tone in Boadilla.


There are also certain new policies that seek to be recommended, such as not having added sugar contribute more than 5 percent of total energy consumption.


In addition, one of the main objectives is to reach an industry standard in terms of reducing sugar in processed foods and beverages.


Go to your dentist in Boadilla del Monte to have a dental check-up and in this way you secure some teeth in order.

Dr. Armellini received her dental degree from the Central University of Venezuela. She received an MBA from the University of Michigan and embarked on a clinical fellowship in Implantology Prosthodontics at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.


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