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Brush your teeth before going to sleep!

Surely, both at home and at school, and without talking about the dentist, you will have stressed the importance of brushing your teeth well. And although the first logical relationship we make with its appearance is the smile, it is not only important for self-image. Poor oral health can lead to other painful and problematic ailments, such as tooth decay, gum inflammation or bad breath. And let's be realistic: almost everyone knows what a tooth can hurt.


Thanks to its warmth and humidity, the mouth becomes a precious breeding ground for many bacteria and other microorganisms. Over time, dental care methods have evolved and good brushing has been recommended at least three times a day: in the morning, after eating and at night. And far from becoming a mere hypochondriac or aesthetic obsession, we must pay attention to what experts say.


Night is the most important moment of dental care. While we sleep, the mouth has a deficit of saliva. When producing less quantity, the buccal space is unprotected, since among its functions are the regulation of pH and mineralization. Related to the protection of enamel and, therefore, of dentures. Among many other applications, to achieve good dental health we recommend you have in your bathroom the best possible dental irrigator.


Deep cleaning


The first thing that comes to mind when talking about dental health is the image of a brush and a tube of toothpaste. You will also have heard something about mouthwash and dental floss. But what is that of the irrigator? You've probably seen it in the typically terrifying instrument of a dentist. However, its use is not reduced to dental centers. You can also, and should, have a dental irrigator at home.


For practical purposes, a dental irrigator is a device that applies a jet of water or other substance between the gum and the neck of the tooth. If combined with a brush, oral cleaning is much more effective. Since the dental irrigator reaches those areas where a brush cannot reach. Being able to better combat the damage exerted by bacteria in your mouth and achieving a feeling of cleanliness and freshness that will leave you extremely satisfied.


Thanks to the pressurized water jet, the dental irrigator drags more bacterial plaque than another instrument can do. You can find it in desktop or portable options, to take you on a trip. And it is always advisable to complement its use with other accessories. But in addition to these tips, you may need to visit a dentist from time to time. For that we recommend hiring quality dental insurance.

Dr. Armellini received her dental degree from the Central University of Venezuela. She received an MBA from the University of Michigan and embarked on a clinical fellowship in Implantology Prosthodontics at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.


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