Dental plaque

Dental plaque

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  • Posted: 12 Jun 2019

In our teeth microorganisms are deposited naturally and form a plaque, called bacterial or dental. The dental plaque is not possible to observe a simple sight but it is necessary a technique to detect it clearly.


Its elimination is important, as otherwise the bacteria found in it can cause dental problems (for example, in gums or known caries). If the bacteria are plaque in our body can be generated infectious diseases, both acute and chronic. Apart from the problems related to oral health and its consequences, the bacterial plaque on occasions an unsightly aspect to the denture, the teeth lose their natural coloration and yellow.


Main causes


Dental plaque is caused mainly by incorrect feeding, especially by eating acidic foods or sugary products that produce the characteristic tartar in the teeth. In this sense, coffee and tobacco are also one of the causes of dental plaque. On the other hand, this bacterial layer is related to poor oral hygiene.


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