Pain when eating sweets?

Pain when eating sweets?

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  • Posted: 20 My 2019

A great diversity of people at some point in life feel an unpleasant sensation when chewing a sweet.


Many times this discomfort becomes pain, making it impossible for the patient to enjoy a dessert. Sometimes the pain lasts minutes after the dessert is over and it becomes increasingly uncomfortable to live this way.


To eradicate this sensation once and for all, the first step should be to go to the dentist for an evaluation. Sometimes, the reason for the pain may be due only to a sensitivity which is fought with the use of fluoride pastes and fluoride applications in the dental office.


If the reason is a cavity, the dentist will proceed to the elimination of this. Sensitivity can also occur due to a gum disease which will be treated by the professional.


In other less common cases, the pain of eating sweets is caused by trauma to the teeth, brushing very abruptly, gastric episodes such as reflux, consumption of excess food and acidic drinks. No matter what the reason, the dentist will take care of it.


It is not advisable to resolve the discomfort on your own.


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