How hormones affect your dental health

How hormones affect your dental health

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  • Posted: 15 My 2019

"The changes in the levels of estrogen and progesterone act on the gums, due both to the direct action of these hormones on the receptors that exist in the gums, such as the modification in the composition of the oral flora," says the Doctor. In the case of women, there are vital stages in which we can observe how hormonal changes can become manifested at the oral level. This is how they describe us



At puberty, there may be increased inflammation of the gums, gingivitis with redness and bleeding gums. It is a stage in which it is especially important to follow an effective and routine oral hygiene and perform controls of the oral situation with the dentist or periodontist


Fertile age

During the age, it seems that the hormonal levels do not have a protective role on the health of the gums. This is not just good oral hygiene and visits every 6-12 months with the dentist.


If we take oral contraceptives, we should be aware that they are also hormones. Currently, the hormonal dosage is low, so the manifestations of gingival inflammation are very reduced and are more in relation to the cumulative effect of its continuous use.



In pregnancy, changes in estrogen and progesterone levels favor the appearance of gingivitis and in some cases growths of the gums called eras appear. The latter tend to bleed a lot, hinder chewing and can even separate the teeth, so sometimes it is necessary to remove them surgically "


The gingivitis of pregnancy occurs in 60-70% of pregnant women, however, it should not be considered normal, since it is observed that it only occurs in 0.03%. Maintain good oral hygiene. That is, pregnancy rather than producing gingivitis ... aggravates the preexisting.


Some pregnant women may have periodontitis (formerly called pyorrhea), but they are also losing bone. Sometimes this periodontitis has not been diagnosed and this, together with the hormonal changes increases the progression of the disease, can cause the loss of tooth support to accelerate. It is also a relationship of caries, which is related to nutritional changes (greater tendency to eat between meals), a modification of peroxidases. buccal (especially due to the nausea that may occur to mothers), and vomiting that produces acidity in the mouth that enamel is demineralized.


Both to maintain health and to preserve the health of the child, it is recommended to visit the dentist or journalist before pregnancy, to perform the prevention or diagnosis of diseases of the gums, perform the appropriate treatment, if necessary, and limit The risk of premature birth



When entering menopause, the protective role of estrogen on the gums is reduced, so today it is closely watched, extreme oral hygiene and visits to the dentist or journalist. A greater buccal sequence is also associated, which favors the accumulation of bacterial plaque, gingival inflammation and caries.


The reduction in estrogen also favors osteoporosis. It is especially important your control with the doctor. Osteoporosis and low vitamin levels are also related to the periodontal state. Of course, in the case of receiving treatment for osteoporosis, it is very important that your dentist or aesthetic journalist informed about it, and that medications can alter the healing of dental treatments.


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