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  • Posted: 13 Abr 2019

Not taking care of your teeth could facilitate the formation of bacterial plaque, something like a "picnic" for bacteria and a "magnet" for sugar (the most harmful substance for our mouth).




Bacterial plaque is a thin, sticky layer that covers our teeth. Horrible, no? But calm! We can avoid it by changing our habits and preventive treatments. Cleaning every six months is a good way to start. We advise you to hire a Dental Plan, this way you save time and pain by protecting the oral health of those you love the most.




Also remember to brush your teeth every time you consume any food, not just the meals, but everything that requires work of our teeth. An effective routine of dental hygiene is necessary to take care of your teeth. But, also, you must take care of your eating habits: decrease the consumption of sugar, avoid smoking and drinks such as coffee or wine.




Viña del Mar dental clinic tells us that everyday situations are affected by how our teeth look: talks, first impressions and speeches are somewhat uncomfortable when we do not feel confident about our appearance. Wearing a good denture allows us to perform better in front of other people.




It is for these reasons that maintaining a healthy tooth, is a fundamental factor in our lives and speaks of good habits and personal hygiene.


If for some reason you do not have the frequent dental evaluation necessary, we recommend you visit a dental center and follow the recommendations of the medical group step by step.


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