Oral Muguet: baby's oral candidiasis

Oral Muguet: baby's oral candidiasis

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  • Posted: 15 Mzo 2019

The muguet or candidiasis buccal is the name with which we usually refer to the infection of the oral area by a fungus called Candida albicans. This is a very common problem in babies, especially in newborns and infants under six months, although it can be contracted throughout childhood.


Its most common clinical manifestation is the appearance of a thick whitish layer covering the tongue, and sometimes also the palate and the inside of the cheeks. The muguet has a cottony and compact appearance, as if it were yogurt or cut milk. In children it can resemble remnants of digested or regurgitated milk that when trying to be removed with a gauze soaked in water does not go away.


Although their appearance can worry parents and can also be annoying for the baby, it is usually a banal picture that quickly improves with proper treatment. Next we will review what this infection is due to, what its symptoms are, how to prevent it and what is its treatment.


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