The main causes that lead to having yellow teeth.

The main causes that lead to having yellow teeth.

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  • Posted: 09 Jul 2019

Do you have yellow teeth and wonder why you have reached that situation? From the outset, we will tell you that there is not a single answer but there are several options that serve to give an answer, all of them valid and possible.


We must bear in mind that to a certain extent, we are the ones who cause the change in the color of our teeth, but not the only ones. Other factors beyond our control are also determinants for the appearance of yellow teeth. Here we review the main reasons:


Feeding Habits. It is perhaps the best-known and sure factor that you have heard on many occasions that coffee or tobacco contribute to yellowing teeth. It is a correct statement, applicable not only to these two products but to others less named such as tea and cola or red wine. And even fruits such as pomegranates or blueberries can generate stains on the teeth due to their high dose of pigmentation.

Oral hygiene. It is an obvious cause but we consider it necessary to remember it and to influence it. Without doubt, not wearing a strict oral hygiene, daily and constant, can become the origin of a denture with spots and yellow teeth. And we not only talk about something aesthetic, the lack of cleanliness can cause serious and painful oral problems.

Medication. The intake of certain medications may have some impact on the coloring of the teeth. Some antibiotics such as doxycycline cause tooth discoloration when consumed during childhood (up to about 7 or 8 years). In adulthood, the drugs that have the greatest impact when it comes to yellowing the teeth are antidepressants or antihistamines such as benadryl® (diphenhydramine).

Some causes of yellow teeth are not in our hands


Genetics. Genetic inheritance plays a fundamental role in many aspects, among them, also that of our teeth. Our parents can mark the characteristics of the enamel of our teeth and these can be decisive for the coloring of the teeth. The thinner the layer that makes up the enamel, the more yellow our teeth will be. Interestingly, it is a case that usually affects redheads. Heredity can also lead to cases such as dentinogenesis imperfecta, a process of defective formation of the dentine structure that leads to an abnormal development of the teeth, which appear with yellow spots.

Age. The passage of time is inevitable and its effects are being noticed as we add years. Age is causing a gradual wear and tear in the dentition, as well as a progressive process of dental demineralization, processes that gradually lead to a loss of the original target of the teeth. It goes without saying that regular dental check-ups help to slow down the progress of these effects, but it is inevitable that over the years our teeth will yellow.

Now that we know the causes that lead us to have yellow teeth, what do we do? There's a solution? Of course. Today there are advanced solutions that can make our teeth shine again. One of these may be teeth whitening.


As we have already mentioned in our blog on previous occasions, there are several options, such as professional or ambulatory dental whitening, as well as laser teeth whitening or photoactivation. This last option is the technique for which we are betting most from Dentix, since it produces less sensitivity and discomfort in the patient, with optimal results.


Beyond the treatment that we choose, it is important to remember that we must do it in a dental clinic and under the supervision of a dentist.


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